28 Dec 2012

Book Review #8

Title: We Die Alone
Author: David Howarth
Date Published: May 1955
Publisher: Collins
Age Rating: 12+
Genre: War Biography
Main Character :
     oJan Baalsrud
           Jan Baalsrud and  his three friends attempted to smuggle bombs into WW2 Norway as part of
           a sabotage mission. However, soon after arrival, they were betrayed by a man
         thought to be a friend. The only survivor, Jan is forced to make his way through
treacherous terrain in the hope of finding his way to Sweden.

Firstly, I found this book slightly boring. This was due to the fact that that the story was a bit slow
at times, making reading the book a bit tedious at times.

Another problem with the book was the fact that the story didn’t exactly draw me in. It took me
about a week to read this book because of how little the story appealed to me. Instead of reading
war stories, I was more interested in the latest post/pre apocalyptic story.

However, one of the good points of the story was the writers ability to describe. I loved the
intriguing way the author described Jan’s adventures, as if I was really there.

Overall, this was a good book that tried its best, but just wasn't me in the end.

Rating Out Of 5
۞۞ .

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